6 mistakes to avoid on your whale watching expedition

Whale watching is an amazing experience. If you go whale watching, make sure everything goes as planned so you can have a memorable experience. Given below are a few things that may not want to do during your whale expedition.

Wearing wrong clothes
Usually, ocean breeze is colder than that of land. Chances are that you will get wet or damp from the cold. If you get lucky and a whale breaches near you, splashes of water will make you wet in a moment. So, it’s a good idea to carry a windbreaker or jacket with you.

Getting late
You may not be able to book a good seat if you get late. If you want to listen to the guide, be there early. If you are late, you might miss the boat.

If you get seasick, we suggest that you get ready for it. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to keep some seasickness tablets with you. They are cheap and worth the investment.

Taking bad pictures
It may be tempting to take tons of pictures of the sea life, especially dolphins. But it’s not the right way. What you need to do is shoot a picture when a dolphin jumps out of the water. Alternatively, you can use video to record the movement of the dolphins or whales.


Touching the sea animals
Whales are kind of wild animals and if you get too close to them, it can be dangerous. These large animals are not pets or toys.

Not following the guide
The job of the guide is to guide you what to do and what not. So, you are supposed to follow their instructions. If you they ask you to get away from the rail, follow them. It’s for your own safety.
So, if you avoid these mistakes, your whale watching experience will be much more enjoyable and memorable.